July 13, 2015

Support and Maintenance

P2 Support ROCKS!

SP-icon  Any SharePoint at Any Time!

Project 2 has years of experience in supporting a variety of versions of SharePoint.  Not only can we support your version, we also support the various flavors.  Whether on premise, cloud-based or a hybrid, we’re at your service!

Project 2 offers two distinctive support paths for your SharePoint environment:

reactive-support-icon  Reactive Support

Project 2 can engage with your business in a reactive mode.  This is for organizations who currently have staff supporting their SharePoint implementation but require higher levels of expertise when issues arise.

proactive-support-icon   Proactive Monitoring

For organizations without support staff to manage their SharePoint environment, we offer proactive monitoring and support.  Some organizations choose to adopt this support strategy when they need to ensure the best possible SharePoint experience and uptime for their users.  We actively monitor your environment and notify you before potential issues arise.

custom-sla-icon  Custom Service Level Agreements

While we offer standardized SLA’s for businesses, we also offer custom SLA’s to meet our clients’ needs.  This means that your organization doesn’t have to be pinned down by support hours or times.  It’s an SLA on your terms!

usa-support-icon1  US-Based Support Team

Not many companies like talking about this but we do!  Our Support Team is 100% US-based.  We do not outsource overseas, which means your requests are created and supported locally.  One of the benefits to having a local team is that we have more internal expertise, better communication and more shared tools at our disposal.